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"HENRY Dock Works took tremendous pride in their work and provided nothing short of exceptional customer service... and consistently met and often exceeded our expectations in the quality of their work, reliability of performance, and flexibility in scheduling."

- Tony Giampapo
Director of Distribution
Hannaford Bros. Co.

















Chad Seymour

1-877-877-0662, Ext. 166

Cell: 252-266-5015

Executive Vice President
& Treasurer

Gayle S. Henry

1-877-877-0662, Ext. 137

Cell: 252-266-5002

Vice President of Operations

Robert J. Silver

Ext. 133

Cell: 252-266-5003

Vice President of Information

& Technology

Michael C. Perrin

1-877-877-0662, Ext. 135

Cell: 252-266-5005

Corporate Controller

Sharon Nichols

1-877-877-0662, Ext. 139

Cell: 252-382-1912

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